Hi, my name is Marta a.k.a. Hobbit in the Kitchen. I live in north-east Scotland and am passionate about real food. What do I mean by ‘real’ food? I mean pure, unadulterated, nature and not factory-made foods that our ancestors have enjoyed for thousands of years until the advent of factories and processed foods. When I was a teenager I thought to eat well meant to eat less, to deny myself and prefer low fat, and that skinniness equaled health. Then I became a vegetarian (because everyone said meat was unhealthy and fattening) and – for a couple of weeks – a vegan. But all through the years I did not feel healthy or happy. It felt miserable that apparently the only way to be slim and pretty and well was to be constantly hungry and constantly tempted to binge on sweets.

And then somewhere online I found Weston A. Price, an American dentist who in the 1930s travelled around the world to discover how traditional peoples ate. In his time the diet of Americans was already full of processed foods – white flour and sugar, jams, canned goods, with little to none veg or meat, And the tooth decay was rampant. Dr Price heard that anthropologists and travelers often wondered at the magnificent health (including dental health) of what they called ‘primitive peoples’ – tribes untouched by the influence of the West and still subsisting on their natural local foods. What did they eat? It depended on the tribe and the location, but generally meat and seafood, prepared grains, vegetables and fruit. And none were vegetarian. But the most important finding of Dr Price was that these tribes’ diets provided them with 10 times more fat-soluble vitamins and 4 times more minerals than the American diet of that time.

I read Dr Price’s ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ and I started to eat a ‘traditional’ diet and got rid of all the processed foods from my fridge and house. There are many people who solved their health issues by doing this. In my case the benefit was more ‘psychological’ – I became happier. Life no longer seemed hard and dreary, I learnt fast, had lot of energy and stopped stressing out. A real food diet was the first ‘diet’ that ever worked for me. And the best part – there was no ‘dieting’ involved. I ate how much I wanted, and lots of yummy things – cream, butter, milk, eggs, meat and fish, veg and fruit, with some homemade desserts. I stopped feeling hungry and my cravings for junk food disappeared. I was a believer.

I created this blog to celebrate food – the real, nourishing food of my ancestors. Why a ‘hobbit in the kitchen’? Well, I am a fan of JRR Tolkien and the Hobbiton in his book was the old England, from before industrialization, idyllic and lost. If you have read ‘The Hobbit’ then you know that it is full of love of good food, of the land, of life in the country. In my blog I want to bring back the good old traditions of cooking and living, not only in Britain but around the world because I believe that they are a precious legacy of happiness and health.


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